This is everything that the Intro to Firearms course offers (with customization based on user) but after all handling and fundamentals have been completed we move to the range and shoot up to 15 rounds to apply learning modules.


Great course if you:

1. New to Firearms

2. Just purchased a gun and want to get familier with it

3. Not new user, but it has been awhile since you have fired/operated


You will not need anything for this course (No Pre-requisites) but if you want to live fire, you will need a box of ammunition, a functional firearm or we can either provide rental for you (additional fee applies)

If you plan on live fire then the following will be needed:

Eye and Ear Protection (Rentals available if you do not have)

Ammunition (Must be new boxed ammunition) and your firearm

SIRT - Pistol Performance Course

$60.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price