LTC Training beyond the License, Dynamic 8-Hour Course that builds on the fundamentals and works on skills that can benefit in a Self Defense Situation. This is the intro course to the Pistol 100 Series of courses. Class Starts at 8:00am at Alloy Arms Private Training Center and will run to approximately 4:00pm (+/-)


Although this is entry level, the student is expected to have had some pistol experience and have had a foundation of the fundamentals which include proper stance, grip, trigger control, and firearm manipulation.


Minimum Required: Firearm .380 or greater Two (2) Magazines and Outside Waistband Holster for your pistol. Recommend Level 1 (Kydex or equivalent)


100 Rounds of Ammunition (Target Loads, Factory Boxed). Range Bag, Eyes, Ears,


Appropriate clothing for movement on outdoor range and based on the weather at time of class.


You will start in the morning with warm-up exercises to make sure all are ready for first course by assessing the fundamentals. Any one-on-one corrections will be assessed and adjusted. All courses of fire will start with discussing and instruction on how to complete the task.


Next your first skill demonstration of engaging target while protecting a buddy. This course of fire will require drawing from a holster, engaging multiple targets behind cover. This will introduce some stress as the use of a timer will be present to create a benchmark of progress.


Lunch will be provided with a short break mid-day. Additionally, the classroom will have water and snacks available throughout the class. Weather pending a climate controlled classroom will support the class during static instruction.


Following will require moving from cover and potential malfunction management.

Areas of focus will be using cover, moving, multi target acquisition and field assessment.

WK Pistol 100 Course - April 16th 2022 8:00a-4:00p

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  • All seats are limited and full purchase secures your seat. If you must cancel and do so 72 Hours prior to start of class for a Credit toward future date classes. If you do not contact within time frame or do not show up your deposit is no longer refundable or credited.

    Class will be held unless weather prohibits, then a new date will be posted. First attempt will be following day (Sunday the 17th) or upcoming Saturday at instructors descretion.

    Anyone at anytime may be asked to leave without refund if they show any unsafe manner or disturbs learning environment. There will be no tolerance of unacceptable or unsafe actions.