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Grab Your Gun Course - 
We are staying very busy with New Pistol owners, the Grab your Gun Course is the go to for anyone that is:
1. Looking to get first Pistol & need to figure out which one to buy 
2. Just purchased first Pistol and need to be able to safely use
3. Looking to get LTC but need a refresher class first

Once your purchase is made we schedule a time that works for everyone. GO here to get that course!
Want this course value to expand monthly? Check out the Subscription below!


Upcoming Classes - Spring 2023 -

New- RANGE Training Subscription
Starting in Spring of 2023 a Range Training Subscription Program exclusively offered and designed by White Key Training - 
- Includes Monthly Range Time (Priority over General Public)
- Custom to your needs and on a consistent schedule for growth
- Included monthly is Education and Gear Free that helps in    training, maintenance, or offers value to your personal safety goals (Annually the value to be comparable to the training investment)
- Access to events, training at reduced price, and more.
Go here to get your year started off with this valuable program!


Texas LTC - Online Hybrid
We are willing to put together in person training, although our experience is many want to do the online class at their convenience and only have minimal time at the range.
If your ready to start the process go here to get your Online/Range Bundle secured.

Pistol Course 100-8HR
Designed for those wanting to get some structured range practice, demonstrating skills beneficial in Self Defense Situations. For those with their LTC Go beyond static target practice and engage in an 8-hour class. Contact us today if your interested. No Pre-requisite and tailored to entry level as well.
CLICK HERE To sign up

First Responder Safety Training
Designed for those On Duty First Responders in rural areas to be able to defend themselves as per H.B. 1069 to ensure those employed or supervised by
counties (populations less than 250K) or municipalities  (populations less than 30K) that meet the criteria (Training, Liability Insurance, and Annual CEU).
If you, your department, or city entity would like to learn more, please contact me today to get all the details!

Brad Meeks North Texas State Certified​ First Responder Training Instructor.

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Traditional LTC Classes

If your interested in your group (Family, Office, Church or Other) forming a traditional class contact us today as we require a minimum of 10 to form a non-scheduled class.
Although if you want to get your LTC classwork  completed online, we have that ability. Below you can schedule your online course; and when you are complete, we can schedule an individual range time to complete. Contact us today!


Now offering Online Training as alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Interested in more information?
Click Here

With online classroom completed at your own pace then scheduled range portion will require less time, more hands on, and cost savings.

White Key Training is a State of Texas Certified School Safety Instructor. This will provide the necessary Guardian Program Training for School Teachers and Staff in relation to a New or Existing Guardian Program. Contact us today to inquire more.

In Additional White Key Training is now a UTM PTO. We will be offering additional courses in 2023-2024 that include the Ultimate Training Munitions as training resources.

Cant find Ammo to Train?
We have you covered.
We offer Training using our Target Ammunition (In our Converted Glocks Only) to keep you working on the fundamentals and enhancing your gun handling and marksmanship.
Contact us today about Range Time Training with the UTM Glock!

Handgun and  Ammunition
White Key Training is classified as a Professional Training Organization with UTM and uses these products exclusively for training with our students. Contact us for more information about how we can provide your training needs.
Handgun and  Ammunition
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