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Next Public LTC Class - 2020 TBD. Until we we are stable in relation to COVID-19 we will not schedule public classes. Although if you want to get your LTC you can still do that. Below you can schedule your online course and when complete we can schedule an individual range time to complete. Contact us today!

Anytime Scheduling for:

Safety Class & Range 8:00-10:00

For LTC-101 Students only

Now offering Online Training as alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Interested in seeing the cost savings and information?

Click Here

With online classroom completed at your own pace then scheduled range portion will require less time, more hands on, and cost savings.

Ready to explore? Contact us today to learn more about this option. Do you have a group wanting custom class? We are able to provide custom classes, offer offsite training, or site assessments.

White Key Training is Now State of Texas Certified School Safety Instructor. This will provide the necessary Guardian Program Training for School Teachers and Staff in relation to a New or Existing Guardian Program. Contact us today to inquire more.

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