Texas LTC Information

Where to go to start your LTC Application with the State of Texas

Where to go to submit your LTC-100 to the State of Texas (in PDF)

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Links here are placed because we support and believe we should make every effort to promote to you. We have some images and information due to us so there are more links to be uploaded soon, so this is not all. Keep checking back for new information. 

Alloy Arms -
Our Training Facility located in Whitesboro
1941 Chisum Trail
Whitesboro, TX 76273


Our prefered store for all our Guns, Ammo & Gear!

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Warrior Poet Society Network - We highly recommend supporting and following. John and the team are genuine in their beliefs and the training and products that they offer. We support them in all the ways we can from the Network Subscription, purchasing merch, and following.

Next Level Training SIRT Pistol - as seen used in the classroom.
SABRE Corporation.
Making Grown Men Cry since 1975!

Fellow Texan and Patriot Colion Noir

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Great tool to use on:
  • Your Time
  • Any Target
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