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Civillian Safety Awareness Course (CSAP)

2021 - Custom On-site classes are being scheduled for local Offices, Churches, and Groups.

Does your office, women's shelter, or community want to have us bring our mobile set-up to you and offer this to a group of ladies and prepare them for a possible dangerous encounter? Contact us today for custom solutions and pricing!

Next Public Class TBA, several private classes taking place, contact me if you have a family unit, church group, or civic organization that would like to bring a great personal safety class onsite.

Go to Inquiry Form and select "CSAP" and I will contact you with all details and pricing.

SIRT Pistol Performance Training

     This 2-Hour Course is custom and designed to address the person with no experience/ new gun owner to the one who needs a refresher course. Or maybe just sharpening up your fundamentals to enhance your handling or accuracy.

     Typically when a person first purchases a handgun we recommend this course as a first steps approach. Build a good platform of Safe Handling and then we advance based on individuals skill set. Once we see that we have all needed components in place we head out to the range to complete class and apply the training.

      Bring your new firearm (or existing) and we will go over your firearms specific functions. We will also consult on maintenance and storage as well.

    If you want to schedule a personal class for yourself, or you and a spouse/friend, or a small group this is a great start so please contact me.


   We are already scheduling private classes through end of quarter. This can also be presented at your Home, Business, or Church with our mobile platform. Contact us about group pricing and Mobile Training!

Or schedule your course today Here!

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