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This course will be great for anyone who is either:

  • New To Firearms in general
  • New to Pistols
  • Wanting a refresher
  • Have purchased a new Pistol and wanting familiarization


Course Description -

In this course we will dive into the Fundamentals and build a strong foundation. This course is not only for the beginner, but we find many current shooters realize areas of improvement. With the following areas specifically worked on in actual exercises:

  • Stance – Foundations of Shooting in Standing Position
  • Grip – From Firearm retrieval to ready position and all that is involved
  • Aiming – From Dominate Eye to Sight Management
  • Pistol Control – From Holding Firearm to Proper Breathing
  • Trigger Manipulation – Key Component that has dramatic impact
  • Handling Mechanics – Overall Manipulation and Magazine Applications


Through Static Drills we will work on all the components above to build groundwork prior to range work. Upon moving to Range we begin active live fire exercises to demonstrate the foundational training from the classroom. Operating a safe and purpose driven course we will apply the knowledge learned and demonstrate the skills to operate a firearm safely to achieve your goal. Upon successful completion of the range of live fire exercises we will return to the classroom to properly clean and maintain your firearm.


You will have demonstrated Safe and Functional Pistol Handling, created a routine on the range, and properly cleaned your firearm ready for the next day at the range!


Pre-requisites -

None -We still start many people at this point so there is no pre-requisites for this class.


Course Requirements -

  • 50 Rounds of Factory Boxed Ammunition
  • Quality Pistol (Rentals are available for new shooters)
    • 1 Magazine for Pistol to be used
  • Eye Protection (safety rated)
  • Ear Protection (Prefer Electronic)
  • Clothing – Appropriate for Outdoor Range based on weather
  • Shoes – Comfortable, closed toe (no sandals)
  • Note Taking Materials (pen, paper)
  • 3 Hour timeframe

Grab your Gun Course

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