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Texas License to Carry (LTC) - In Class

Traditional Option (080)

What you need to know before class

You may complete all your application and paperwork with the state either before or after class. Should you choose to complete that portion before class you will have the following to do:

go online to State of Texas Website for LTC   and Apply as a New User.

1. You will complete an online application

2. Pay your fee to the state ($40)

3. Schedule your Electronic Fingerprints

Upon completion you will receive a receipt (This is your Checklist) by email as well as can be printed at time of completion. SAVE THIS as you will need it as a part of your application. It has a checklist and a Trace Number (Barcode) on it.

Take note of Range information so you know what to bring and wear

What you need to know for the classroom

We will begin promptly at 8:00am on the day of the class. You will need to arrive by 7:50am. We will be in class to approximately 1:00pm. You will not need your firearm, ammunition, eyes/ear protection, or range bag in the classroom, you may leave these items in car.

We will go through the complete material and take a written test prior to leaving classroom for range portion.

NEW - Online Option (024)

We have begun relationship with Point Blank LTC which offers an Online State of Texas Approved Course. You can registerAFTER YOU CONTACT US FIRST FOR PROMO CODE!:


You can begin this online course which is a 4 hour state approved course and work at your own pace. You may Log in and Out until course is complete. Class is $60 for the public, but White Key Students have a drastically reduced charge. You will need to contact White Key Instructor, Brad Meeks, to get your promo code for reduced course cost.

Upon completion you will then receive the LTC-101 Form that you must bring to your range schedule.

Contact us today for pricing and availability!

What you need to know for the Range

We will complete the Range Rules prior to leaving classroom. We recommend wearing shirts that have a collar or not very low cut to keep hot brass from falling into shirt. Also during warm weather you must wear closed toe shoes, no sandals.

All firearms must stay in bag at all times until on range and in lane. You cannot bring a firearm in just a holster in your hand into the building.

The day of qualification you cannot save your brass or pick it up due to safety and range is also open to public during our qualifications.

Your 50 rounds of ammunition must be factory boxed, no reloads.

You will need One (1) .22 Caliber or greater Firearm (Either Revolver or Semi-Auto) and for Semi-Auto a single magazine for the range portion. We also have rentals should you require one, we must be notified when you book. Click Here to rent a firearm with 50 rounds of ammunition for the LTC course

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